Liberty Fianzas


Company with outstanding results in the Mexican Guaranteeing Sector, with an upward trajectory which was acquired by Liberty Mutual Group, worldwide leader company. It changed its name to Liberty Fianzas in 2016, joining the Liberty Mutual Surety’s guaranteeing services division.

Liberty Fianzas has Collaborators who stand out due to their great Professionalism and Experience in Surety, offering a timely and high quality Service, always taking care of our clients, creating a Confidentiality commitment, which prevails in virtue of their security. Also looking to preserve the culture that distinguishes Grupo Liberty worldwide, the commitment to “Do the right thing.”

  • Afianzadora Obrera
  • Our Career Begins.
  • Fianzas Banorte
  • It was bought by Grupo Financiero Banorte, business with Mexican capital.
  • Primero Fianzas
  • Share purchase by Grupo Valores Operativos Monterrey, company part of a prestigious Group of investors and businessmen from Monterrey and Mexico City.
  • Liberty Fianzas
  • Company with outstanding results in the Mexican Surety Industry, with an upward trajectory which was acquired by Liberty Mutual Group, worldwide leader company. It changed its name to Liberty Fianzas in 2016, joining the Liberty Mutual Surety’s guaranteeing services division.

Our Mission

“We contribute positively to society by guaranteeing that our principals will fulfill their commitments, we grant certainty to our beneficiaries in the achievement of their objectives. Provide a timely, personalized and quality service covering the needs of our clients, based on our principles of honesty, integrity and doing the right thing. Work closely with independent agents, brokers and their clients to build mutually profitable and long-term relationships, offering smart business solutions and professional service.”

Our Vision

“To be a company chosen by its clients, agents, brokers and beneficiaries for the issuance of their policies, generating growth and prestige through reliable long-term relationships, through the renewal of processes, focus and excellence in the service, promoting:”
  • The proper Business Analysis and Underwriting.
  • Keep an adequate risk appetite in the market niche with business viability.
  • The impulse of Designated Brokers.

The above, in conjunction with our daily operations with agents and clients, which is our specialty.

Our Values

  • Act with Integrity: We act with honesty and integrity at all times. We treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest:We avoid situations in which our own interests may be in conflict with those of the company, including our activities and personal relationships and when giving or receiving courtesy gifts or invitations. We use the company's resources for commercial purposes and not for our personal gain or for activities unrelated to our business.
  • Protect the Information:We protect the confidential information with which we work, against unauthorized use or disclosure. We respect privacy principles and do not use that information or access it for our personal gain or if we do not have a business reason to do so.
  • Comply with the Laws: We comply with all national and international laws applicable to our business.
  • Raise concerns about compliance:We are not afraid to say what we think or to ask for advice when we are not sure what is right. We do not retaliate against anyone for asking for advice or reporting a good faith situation.

Credit Opinion:

“Moody’s rating for Liberty Fianzas is Baa1/ - stable, considering the following:”
  • Established niche position in the Mexican Surety Industry.
  • Portfolio Concentrated in investment – grade credit quality.
  • Adequate capitalization.
  • Sound profitability.

In addition, the ratings reflect support and oversight from its leading US-based affiliate, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company (LMIC, IFS at A2 stable), as well as its ultimate parent company Liberty Mutual Group Inc (LMGI, senior unsecured debt at Baa2 stable). Liberty Fianzas is a subsidiary of LMIC, which is also a market leader in surety in the US.

Liberty Fianzas

Liberty Fianzas is the premier option for your gasoline supply bond needs.

Liberty Fianzas

Liberty Fianzas offers a customized service provided by a team of Surety Experts for your needs.

Liberty Fianzas

Liberty Fianzas has the capacity to issue large bonds with the backing of Liberty Mutual Group.